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“John the Baptist” Church - Obzor

First Bulgarians after the Turkish conquest came in Obzor in 1885, and the first church in our town is located in Baykushev’s house. In 1904 arrives in Gyozeken /Obzor/ priest Nedyu Spassov, who initiated the construction of the church “John the Baptist” in its original form.

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The Teke - Balchik

THE MUSLIM MONASTARY (THE TEKE) near the village of Obrochishte is a monument of a religious cult, built probably in 16th.c. It consists of two seven – wall twin – buildings with different height: a tyurbe ( mausoleum ) and an imaret ( cook-house).

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The Bell Tower - Haskovo

In the summer of 2010, next to the Monument of Virgin Mary in the city of Haskovo, the edifice of the Belfry was built up. In years of spiritual poverty and skepticism, Haskovo residents have once again gave way to their - let me say - Renaissance creative drive! It took nearly half a million Bulgarian leva to build this enlightening Christian monument and, please note the fact that all the funding was collected in less than a year entirely from donations!

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The Uzundzhovo Church - Haskovo

Узунджовската църква 1

The Assumption is the largest rural church in Bulgaria. It combines in an amazing way various elements of Christianity and Islam. Built initially as a Christian temple, in 1593 it was destroyed by the Ottoman Empire. A mosque was erected in its place – it was a part of a large estate of caravan seraglio, which according to the chronicles-writers resembled a fortress, whose central entrance is preserved until the present days.

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The Virgin Mary Monument - Haskovo

Монумент Богородица

The Highest in the world statue of the Holy Virgin Mary with the Infant was built to convey the respect, love and gratitude of the people to the Mother of God. The monument was inaugurated by a traditional water-sanctifying ritual by Archbishop Arseny in 2003. In 2005 it was included into the book of Guinness World Records, and since 2009 it was also entered into the List of the Hundred National Tourist Sights in Bulgaria. 

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Ayazmoto - Momchilovtsi village

Directly south from the peak of St Ilia, hidden in the Pine Forest high on a hill in the western corner of the village, is the "Ayazmoto" - a place where many believes received healing.

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