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The city – winner of the annual award for development of the destination for 2012 of “Bulgarian Hotel and Restaurant Association”. Obzor is a small, quiet and comfortable resort situated on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast with large beaches, clean air, hospitable people, numerous opportunities for recreation and entertainment, which thanks to its wonderful natural resources is one of the most attractive summer destinations.

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University Botanical Garden - Balchik

2.4.Университетска Ботаническа градина

THE BOTANICAL GARDEN with its terraces pendent over the sea created by the Swiss florist Jules Jeannys. The floral magnificence blossomed after 1955. A special attraction are the 250 kinds of big cactuses spinally covering a decker of land – ranked second among the collections of this type after the similar one in Monaco, and the Rosarium – filled with the fragrance of 34 sorts of roses second in Europe, too. Here, however, one can see a candy tree, a rubber plant tree and a paper tree, a big evergreen magnolia, a Metasequoia.

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